The LAD Bible are suing me because I called them wankers

So, The LAD Bible are suing us because last week I wrote an article titled THE LAD BIBLE ARE MONUMENTAL WANKERS, AND NOT FOR THE REASON YOU THINK, explaining what a bunch of unfunny people they are. They reacted by getting a lawyer to email us.

I wrote it because I think they are monumental wankers. None of their content is original, in the past they have even used my content without crediting me, they are awful, awful people. A key staple of their business model is reposting the original content of others, and now LAD Bible are using bullying tactics against the content creators they exploit to make money. Apparently, in my case they are threatening to sue for damages. I don’t think that’s fair. This isn’t an attack on me; this is an attack on content creators and the right to parody in the UK.

I got an email from Andrew Lee, a lawyer at Brandsmiths, with the following: “We are instructed by 65Twenty in relation to the publication you of defamatory material about it by reason of the publication of the page (the “Page”). You have further disseminated this illegal material by other forms of social media such as twitter.  This activity is illegal and 65Twenty has rights which it can and will enforce against you. 65Twenty enforces its rights vigorously because they are at the core of their business. To allow such malicious activity to remain unchallenged fundamentally undermines its business.”

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They claim they will take legal action against me if I don’t do the following:

a) The immediate deletion and removal of this page, with written confirmation to be provided to this firm. 

Not a chance.

b) A written apology, in terms to be agreed.

Nah, you’re alright.

c) Disclosure of the identities of any other individual(s) involved with the creation of and/or maintenance of this page.


d) Disclosure of the identities of individuals to whom you have communicated the allegations that appeared on this page along with details of those communications.

I guess this means you, considering you’re reading this you know that I called them wankers and they are threatening to sue me.

e) An undertaking (to be drafted by this firm for your signature) that you will not, by yourself, your servants or agents publish any further material about our client. The legal effect of such an undertaking is a contractual promise that you will not repeat allegations about our client.

I’m going to publish more. I have a pretty open schedule.