Tramlines Festival 2016 is depressing and warm: Friday

It’s 4 o’clock and I order a pint from the pub across from my office and bring it up to my desk. All my emails are sent and I have nothing to do that I cannot do better on Monday, so I finish the beer, head home to drop my equipment off and get an

Tramlines Festival 2016 is depressing and warm: Saturday

It’s Saturday and I wake up earlier than usual, relieved to be not hungover. I know today is going to involve a lot of heavy drinking so I make sure to fill my stomach with a bacon sandwich with brown bread. I realise I have no brown sauce so I have BBQ sauce instead and

Evading Death and Immigration Checkpoints

Crossing the U.S.-Mexico border is only the beginning for the estimated half a million immigrants that enter the United States illegally every year. Once inside the U.S., there is still a 100-mile trek to be made through the U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s “constitution-free zones” in which their law reigns supreme. The majority of major

I started a ‘dark web’ market to sell erotic Harry Potter fanfiction

Ever since I heard about the infamous Silk Road ‘dark web’ marketplace I wanted to run a ‘dark web’ marketplace. Then Ross Ulbricht, Silk Road’s founder, got a lengthy prison stretch and my cock went floppy over the idea… Until I read a comment on YouTube which provoked me to create the largest Harry Potter fanfiction ‘dark web’ marketplace.

I spent 24 hours reading VICE to see if I would feel edgy

Inspired by the many “I spent 24 hours doing X” series of articles on VICE, I decided on reading VICE straight for 24 hours just to see what would happen to me. Would I freak out? Would I feel edgy? Would anyone even care? Here is a needlessly long and ruthlessly trivial hour-by-hour account of what happened in

The LAD Bible are suing me because I called them wankers

So, The LAD Bible are suing us because last week I wrote an article titled THE LAD BIBLE ARE MONUMENTAL WANKERS, AND NOT FOR THE REASON YOU THINK, explaining what a bunch of unfunny people they are. They reacted by getting a lawyer to email us. I wrote it because I think they are monumental wankers. None

Katie Hopkins has done more for feminism than you ever will

Love her or hate her, Katie Hopkins is undeniably a much-needed female talking head in the crowd of masculine media pundits. She defies convention; she is uncontrollable. Feminism? She doesn’t even need it. Slammed by feminists, who see her controversial take on universal women’s rights as a threat to their third-wave radicalism, Hopkins has baldy

We asked Weev about black nationalism

“I see black nationalists as potential allies, I support black nationalism as well as white nationalism. I feel that blacks have the right to independence and sovereignty over their own territories and over their own people. I like a world that is rich in multiple cultures. And I think we have the same enemies. “The

Elon Musk is an obvious fraud

The seemingly limitless capacity of men to be utterly consumed by the foolish worship of idols can cost billions of dollars. Often a huckster with a veneer of unshakable confidence comes along and the social cost of his fraud becomes a burden to civilization at large. So powerful is the allure of personality cults to investors that many of those

The LAD Bible are monumental wankers, and not for the reason you think

Earlier this year I created a Facebook page which parodied the popular LAD page The LAD Bible. My page was called The LID Bible and I posted images of pen lids, jam jar lids, bottle caps and once: an LED. Obviously the joke wore thin very quickly but it amassed thousands of likes within a

We spent 72 hours with Weev and fled to Bosnia

We drove to Zagreb via Slovenia to meet up with Weev, the Internet’s most notorious Internet troll. Weev is free from his stint as a prisoner on an indictment many alleged to be political early, after an appellate court decision vacated his sentence. He immediately took the chance to leave the United States and tour various nations without

We became bike thieves to enter the Swedish criminal underworld

Sweden is dangerously safe and offensively nice. It’s so nice that you can’t help being annoyed by it. Maybe I’m just a bitter person. We drove from Denmark to Malmo and stopped for a night before driving up to Karlstad. As we arrived, the streets were bustling with student freshers, acting age-appropriately loud but not causing

I pretended to be BBC Press and got on stage at a Swedish pop festival

Popaganda is a music festival in Stockholm which has been going since 2006. I’d only heard of three acts from the lineup – Angel Haze, Jungle and James Blake. The other bands were Nordic pop acts, apparently Sweden’s own Robyn (think Swedish, lesbian Britney Spears) was pegged to perform a secret set. In the past acts

Welcome to the deadly world of Ukrainian pillow-fighting

When was the last time you had a pillow fight? I’m guessing it wasn’t recently. You probably didn’t do it for money either. And, I’m sure as hell it wasn’t a fight to the death. Well, that’s because you’re not part of the deadly Ukranian pillow fighting scene where down-and-out Ukranian men pit their feathers